Welcome to The Selkie Society.

One goal, one thought, one hope: the oceans, always.

Come, share all the wonder, beauty, tragedy and hope that is our oceans. Dive in and see. There is much to know and far to travel. Let’s you and I explore the seven seas!

We believe that the oceans need a new breed of activists; those with a true sense of adventure who are trained as advocates applying all that we are — art, science, photography, education and community building.

Here you will find opportunities to join us. Saving the oceans is an adventure!


One response to “About

  1. Greetings My Dear Fiends; Blessings upon your day. I come here to thank you for helping to inform others and to gather together for our waters on Earth. The coming of the new age is going to be a beautiful healing time for our planet. As we all become more enlightened , and aware of the life everywhere is us, then we will beable to treat eachother with Love and Compassion like no other time. Again Thank you wholeheartly. Peace be with you all…giorgia

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